Commercial Plywood

Commertial Plywood
ISI 303 MR (Moisture Resistant) Grade

Timber Used: Eucalyptus Grandifolia (Red Gum) / Melia Dubia (Hebbevu) / Acrocarpus Sps – Balanji (Hawalige)
No of Ply: 13 Nos.
Sizes Available: 8ft x 4ft / 7ft x 4ft / 6ft x 4ft
Thickness: 06mm / 08mm / 12mm / 16mm / 18mm / 25mm
Usage: Can be used in all types of interior works like wardrobes, Tv cabinets, Furniture etc.


Technical Details
Water Resistance MOR Along MOR Across MOE Along MOE Across Glue Shear Moisture Glue adhesion
 60°C  N/mm2 N/mm2  N/mm2  N/mm2  Kg/inch2 %  Test
 3 Hours 38-40  25-20 4500  3000 135-145  8-10  Excellent